Simply call us at (949) 324-6263, text us at (408) 313-4220 or email us at info@linkedunion.com. We will walk you through every step of the process and make it very simple for you. You and your members will love the new app, we guarantee it.

Each app varies but most have have access to:

  • Immediate help from a union rep with the push of a button.
  • Member Discounts.
  • Negotiations Updates.
  • Member Benefits List.
  • Urgent News Updates.
  • Contracts and Salary Schedules.

Yes. Our team at LinkedUnion is represented by UFCW Local 480 and have been members of a union since 1999.

All of our apps can be updated instantly. During training we will teach you and your team how to edit every aspect of your app.

We can take full charge of this aspect on your behalf.

There are many loopholes in the application from where it can be hacked. To make our apps more secure - we use the following:

To make the data transmission secure we currently use authentication token system so that input/output can not get hacked.

For making the data storage secured we encrypt all data. We use the same encryption that the US Banking system uses.

LinkedUnion will maintain, service, support and update your app weekly.

Yes. In addition to English, you can add Spanish and another language that your membership may prefer. However, we do not provide the translations. You will need to publish the content in both English and the second language you prefer. Adding a second language does cost extra.

It does not cost anything to use the app for your members. There is a one time development cost and a monthly support/service cost paid for by the union. This cost covers unlimited support and push notifications, upgrades each quarter and secured hosting.

Timing is based on the scope of the work, the custom features that are required and the time it takes to get feedback and information from the clients. The average app development for our union clients is 4-6 weeks.

Most definitely. We are willing to participate via Zoom or Hangouts for example at no cost to you. Our aim is to help you and to help our team develop the most creative ideas related to the market.